Vampire Athenaeum

The Vampire Athenaeum is an online collection of vampire book titles and reviews. Thanks to the many visitors who have taken the time to write reviews and add new books to the site, we have grown from our simple beginning in February of '97 to a collection including more than 500 titles.

Having difficulty finding a particular title? Most of the site is arranged alphabetically by author's last name, but the Title Index is arranged alphabetically by the title of the book. Check there, to see if the book you're looking for is included on the site. If you know of a book that should be listed but isn't, feel free to contact me to add the title, and perhaps a few words about it for the benefit of future visitors. If you want to buy any of the books listed on this site, you can go to your local bookstore. In the UK, find your local Waterstones here. In the USA, you can go Barns and Noble

I have started adding links to the best web pages for some of the authors listed on the site. I prefer to list the official home pages whenever possible. Authors, and official fan clubs are invited to send me the urls for their home pages. These links will be posted on the same pages with the book titles. Occasionally I will list an "unofficial" site when I cannot find an official one, or when I find one that is just too splendid to be left out.

I try to make sure that any information posted here is correct. If you do find an error, or a dead link, please email me and let me know so I can fix it. Thank you.